• Da Vinci Ascent Best Portable Vaporizer

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    Is The Da Vinci Ascent the Best Portable Vaporizer?

    Ascent by Di Vinci Best Portable Vaporizer
    We’ve all heard about Da Vinci and the state-of-the-art vaporizers that they’ve been putting out into the market and for that, they’ve become a leader in the vaping industry. With that being said, vapers from all across the globe are clambering over one another to get ahold of one of the most sought after pieces of technology in the vaping world…Of course, we’re talking about the Ascent by Da Vinci!  The Da Vinchi Ascent is possibly the best portable vaporizer on the market today.  
    When holding this work of art in the palm of your hand, it’s easy to see how its sleek and stylish aesthetics tantalize the desires of anyone looking to vape and with that being said, you already know that this device is going to attract attention from just about anyone interested in vaporizing herbs and oils.
    Unlike other vaporizers, this is a compact device that you’re going to be able to take anywhere with you and you’re going to notice that the typical limitations you see with other vaporizers are lifted when using this device. When whipping this vaporizer out you’re not just bringing out a device to vape with, but also pulling out one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology the vaping industry has to offer! This is an incredibly versatile device, meaning it has enough features to capture even the most experienced vaper’s interest while being user-friendly enough for new vapers to learn on.

    In essence, whether you are an experienced vaper or have never held a vaporizer in your life, this device is something you are going to be able to use without an issue. With this vaporizer, you get a number of features that assist in making every vape session not only customizable, but also infused with some of the best hits you’ve ever had. You’re going to get the most out of your product and will enjoy your sessions more than ever with this device in your arsenal! This is a top-level vaporizer that possesses a 100% total-glass pathway, 3-hour battery life, temperature control, and a glass-coated ceramic bowl. With these features, you’ll be able to obtain some of the cleanest tasting hits in the industry while ensuring your vape session will not be cut short due to a lacking battery. These hits are not only clean, but powerful and efficient as well.
    When using the Ascent, you’re going to be able vaporize your loose leaf as well as your oils. With these capabilities, the normal limitations found in other vaporizers are thrown aside and you’re given options that will broaden your vaporizing horizons. There will never be a time that you catch yourself saying, “ My vaporizer won’t vape that…” This is a limit-free vaporizer, meaning it will vape whatever you throw at it whether it is your driest herbs or your stickiest oils and with these options, your sessions can be as normal or unique as you want to make them.
    With your loose leaf you’re going to notice how much longer it’s going to vape when using this vaporizer and with that being said, this helps you get the most out of the product. Perfecting your use of this device is going to take a little bit of time but once you find the sweet spot that is going to allow you to get the most out of your sessions, you’re going to understand just how incredible this vaporizer is. This is a masterpiece that is a must-have for anyone looking to add some versatility to the way they take in dry herb or oil. With the Ascent by Da Vinci, you’re going to possess a vaporizer that brings out the best in your product while enhancing your sessions to a point that you never thought possible!

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  • The Best Portable Vaporizer for eLiquid

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    Which Mod and Tank Will be Crowned the Best Portable Vaporizer?

    The vaping industry is currently bigger than ever before, and it’s only going to get bigger. With the vast number of mods and tanks currently on the market, there’s never been a better time to start vaping. For a new comer, however, we understand that this can be intimidating.

    Vaporizers are by no means overly complicated, but everyone wants to get their money’s worth when making long-term purchases. The options are vast, and with all the white noise, it can be difficult to find the vaporizer that’s right for you!

    That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of mod and tank combinations that we believe will meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for style, bang for your buck, or just a powerhouse of a vaporizer, we’ve got something on this list for you!

    The Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 60w and the Kanger Subtank Mini 

     Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 60w

    This little guy is for the minimalist. It’s design is aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t necessarily jump out at you in any way. That being said, it does exactly what it’s intended to do, and that is performing like an absolute boss with a small, extremely portable form factor at an affordable price.

    Kanger Subtank Mini


    We’ve named the Kanger Subtank mini as this vaporizers perfect match for a few reasons. First, Kanger is a great brand. They put out products that are consistently good, and at fair prices. Second, if you’ve purchased the Evic VTC Mini, portability is probably a priority for you, and the Kanger Subtank Mini complements that perfectly. And last but certainly not least, if you buy the black and white version of the Subtank Mini, the two just look awesome together!


    The Innokin Itaste MVP V2 and the Aspire Nautilus Mini

    Innokin Itaste MVP V2

    The Innokin Itaste MVP V2 is one classy unit! It’s long, angular, sleek design means business. If you want to vape and look really good while doing it, this is your vaporizer. This is the kind of vape you’d imagine James Bond pulling out of his inside coat pocket.

    Another big advantage is the battery life. This thing lasts for days, and even includes a USB port that will allow you to charge other devices. That’s right, it’s a power bank and a vaporizer. It may seem gimmicky, but don’t let that throw you off! In terms of performance, this vaporizer is great!

    Aspire Nautilus Mini

    The Aspire Nautilus Mini is highly praised, and we’ve found that it works very well for this product! The Aspire Nautilus is considered by many to be the king of atomizers, and the mini lives up to its predecessor. It’s highly customizable, and we’re positive that you’ll be happy with its performance.


    The Innokin Coolfire IV and the Kanger Aerotank Mini

    Innokin Coolfire IV

    The first thing that jumps out at you about the Innokin Coolfire IV is the design. If I had to describe it in two words, those words would be “freaking beautiful.” Not only does it look great, but it feels so good in the hand. They’ve really perfected the form and function here. It hasn’t been branded as a “mini” vape, but it’s still quite compact and slides into the pocket with ease.

    Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it’s easy to use. The user interface, the button placement; everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be, and operating it is a seamless experience.

    Aerotank Mini

    This is a vaporizer you’d be more than happy to use at home, and it’s portable enough to take into town. That’s why we felt the Aerotank Mini was a perfect fit! It comes with a glass tank for the best flavor and a replaceable stainless steel tank if you’re worried about taking glass on the go, and of course, it produces fantastic clouds.


    The Sigelei 150W TC and the Uwell Crown Tank

    Sigelei 150W TC

    If you’re looking for a power house, you just found it. The Sigelei 150W TC is a high performance vaporizer that will meet the needs of even the most refined vapor enthusiast. Where there are mods that can hit even higher than 150W, this is really more than enough for most, and at only $70, it’s almost too good to be true.

    Of course, that isn’t it’s only merit. Its design looks great and feels good in the hand. The user interface is pretty simple and gives you full temperature control, but it’s main attraction is definitely its 150 watt capability.

    As for the Uwell Crown Tank, it’s more than capable of keeping up with the power behind the Sigelei. It’s hailed by all that use it, and for good reason. It has all the customizability that you’d expect, and paired with the Sigelei 150W TC, it will more than get the job done.

    The Smok X Cube 2 and the Taste Furious V4 Smok X Cube 2 


    The Smok X Cube 2 is just an absolute monster in terms of cloud chasing. If you’re into massive, thick clouds, there is no other option. However, the pros don’t stop there. It looks extremely cool with its sidebar (replacing the traditional firing button) and customizable LED lights. You have to see it in action to understand how cool this mod looks, but for now you may just have to take my word for it.

    The user interface is extremely straightforward and free of unnecessary clutter. It’s loaded with features which could potentially make the experience feel somewhat messy, but Smok has taken an innovative step forward by creating an Android and IOS app for the X Cube 2. This allows you to play with all the cool features while keeping the X Cube 2’s user interface very clean.

    SMOK TF4 Taste Furious 4

    Really, the most obvious choice for this mod was the TFV4. It’s a little pricier than the other atomizers mentioned in this article, but it’s worth it! If you’re purchasing an X Cube 2, chances are you’re interested in cloud chasing, and in terms of cloud chasing it just doesn’t get better than the Taste Furious V4! It’s extremely customizable, and it produces awesome clouds! Pair it with your X Cube 2 and you have a combination like no other.

    There you have it! This is our comprehensive list of the best mod and tank combinations! Are these all of the good combinations out there? Of course it isn’t! Again, the vaporizer market is vast! This are just our top picks. If none of these jump out at you, there are so many other options. We hope that this list will be a resource that helps you make an informed decision when buying your next vaporizer.

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