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The vaporizer market has been growing rapidly over the last several years. During those years there have been a handful of brand names that have left their mark on the industry, one of the most recognizable being Kandypen.

Kandypen has had a strong focus on bringing vapers a broad variety of new, innovative, and attractive looking products, and they hit the nail on the head every time. Some products have been more favored than others, but this company just doesn’t produce duds.

Let’s take a look at Kandypen’s collection, what they have to offer, and why vapor enthusiasts just can’t get enough!


K-Vape By Kandy Pens

The K-Vape’s sole purpose is to provide a solid herb vaping experience that is inexpensive, extremely portable, and totally free of combustion, and to look  good while doing so.

Many pens claim the title of “vaporizer” but are realistically nothing but electronic cigarettes. A vaporizer cannot cause your herbs to combust, and if it does you’re not getting the health benefits that come with vaping.

The K-Vape successfully vaporizes your herbs with a very portable form factor that leaves us very impressed. The technology really is something to admire. The vapor quality isn’t comparable to extremely high end vapes such as the Firefly or Pax 2, but realistically it isn’t intended to. When taking into account the price and size of this vaporizer, we’re blown away by its overall build and performance.


 Galaxy By Kandy Pens

The Galaxy is a crowd favorite, and for good reason. It’s a concentrate pen designed to give vapers the best overall experience. When using this product you’ll notice that you get large amounts of delicious vapor in no time at all. This is due to its unique quartz chamber, dual quartz rods, elevated airflow system, and titanium coil.

The battery life definitely deserves a mention, as it will last days for most people. Abundant battery life is always nice, but when you take into account the size of this pen, the convenience factor goes from nice to impressive.

Not only does this vaporizer perform like an absolute champ, it also manages to look fantastic while doing so. The build screams premium, and the gloss finish is breathtaking.

This pen really has it all: beautiful design, high quality parts, delicious vapor, a sturdy build, and a battery that miraculously keeps it going far longer than you’d expect. The Galaxy is simply a winner.


Gravity by Kandy Pens

The Gravity is the successor of the Galaxy in many obvious ways, including but not limited to its design, build, and uncanny ability to blow the minds of all that use it.

That’s right, the tried and true crowd pleaser is back with improvements. Many considered the Galaxy to be a work of sheer perfection, but it seems the Kandypen never stops innovating.

This time, the coil itself is made from high quality quartz in order to provide the best vaping experience possible. To add a little variety, it also comes with a ceramic coil that has its own list of benefits. Neither is better than the other; the coil you choose will come down to preference.

The quartz coil will provide top notch flavor and rich, thick clouds, whereas the ceramic coil is designed to make your vaping session as efficient as possible by making your  concentrates last longer.

The Gravity is just as highly praised as its predecessor, if not more so, and it is bound to continue to please all that find it in their hand.


Donuts By Kandy Pens

The Kandypen Donuts Vaporizer is a monument to innovation. In terms of build its rather minimalist, but still manages to make minimalism as attractive as possible. It’ll turn heads, after all it is a beautifully built product, however what really makes this vaporizer stand out lies within.

It utilizes what Kandypen calls SloBurn technology, and it truly provides a vaping experience unlike any other. This pen is unique because it doesn’t have a wick or a coil. Rather than burn your concentrates, the Donuts Vaporizer bubbles it by using a ceramic disc.

The efficiency, the aroma, the vapor quality, everything is great about this vaporizer. In fact, nothing else on the market will provide an experience like this one. The Kandypen Donuts Vaporizer provides a truly premium and unique vaping experience, and at  only $99, it’d be a true challenge to find a concentrate pen to match it.


Waxxy by Kandy Pens

The Waxxy sets out to provide the perfect balance between form and functionality. This stylish unit does exactly that, and as usual, the price seems too good to be true.

While this unit is one of the simpler models from Kandypens, it performs admirably and does exactly what it is intended to do. This vaporizer will perform with the best of them, outlast them, and look gorgeous while doing so. The focus here is on performance and reliability.

The copper atomizer and titanium coil assure a premium vaping experience that will last. When you take in that first hit, it really is delightful to know that the richness of your clouds will stand the test of time. That taste is the same taste you’ll be enjoying from the Waxxy for years to come.

If the high quality parts aren’t enough to put your mind at ease, just remember that like all Kandypen products, the Waxxy has a lifetime warranty.


Executive by Kandy Pens 

Kandypen’s SloBurn technology makes another appearance with the Executive. The function here is similar to that of the Donut in a couple of ways, but the form factor is where we see a few deviations.

It’s much more understated with an emphasis on stealth. With the cap on, anyone who sees it would assume at first glance that this is a fancy pen. They’d be right about one thing: this concentrate pen is, indeed, fancy. The sleek design makes this unit very easy on the eyes, and the performance seals the deal.

The Executive features high quality parts such as Dual Rod Atomizer and Titanium Coil. Yes, unlike the Donut the Executive does feature a coil, but don’t worry! You won’t see any combustion with this vaporizer.

The vapor quality is top notch, which is really what we’ve come to expect from Kandypens at this point. The clouds are rich, thick and delicious.

A sexy yet discrete design, performance that impresses, and a shockingly low price tag of only $60 makes this concentrate pen a must have.


Slim by Kandy Pens

Kandypen’s Slim sets out to deliver the best vaping experience for the absolute lowest price. At only $25, we know it’s priced aggressively low, but how does it perform?

For $25, I can say that it performs far better than you would expect. Don’t expect this unit to perform on par with the Gravity, but for the price it’s definitely impressive. The standards here are definitely lower than the standards set for the rest of the Kandypen collection, but the point of this unit is not to push the boundaries of vaping. The point of this unit is to make vaping accessible to everyone, particularly those with a lower budget.

With this pen you’re getting a very average vaping experience, which is actually amazing! The fact that someone made a vaporizer that provides a standard experience for the same price as a Bluray Disc is pretty unbelievable.

That low price tag did not affect this pens aesthetics. It’s as discrete and sleek as the rest of them, and the design is still very sexy.

It’s definitely the lowest in terms of performance, but it’s also the lowest in terms of price. With that in mind, this is a fantastic unit. If you’re broke but determined to vape or if you’re just not willing to put a lot of money into vaping just yet, this device may be for you.

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